Case Preface

He was a government employee aged 29 years and was not ready to get married. His parents made all possible effort to find the best girl for his match. But he used to find fault in almost all girls shown to him. His cousin visited his place during vacation and came to know about this from his parents. He doubted something else and found out the problem was more serious than he thought.  He brought him to us for a consultation.

Patient’s major points of concern

No doubt in the fact that he was a shy person and opening his problems especially in front of strangers like us was something really difficult for him. He was there in the clinic with his cousin. When he fined courage to speak up he didn’t stop and shared everything in detail. He was suffering from sexual anxiety and that is not allowing to keep the penis erected for longer and that’s the reason he was feeling scared to get into a relationship. He was sure that this problem is never going to end and for that staying away from marriage was better option for him. He said that even out of frustration he made attempts to commit suicide and friends saved him although they were unaware of the exact reason. Even in many cases his parents also complained him that he is behaving rude with them without any reason…

Doctor’s observations

His first visit in our clinic and his first impression gave us the indication that he is quite depressed, unsatisfied and frustrated person in life. What we felt good in this case that he is at least trusting his cousin and having him along with him in the clinic. When he shared the issue we doubted that it is a definite case of PREMATURE EJACULATION but didn’t comment on it at that moment. We wanted to be sure and suggested to undergo some test and get back to us with the report…

Doctor’s advice

He returned to our clinic after 3 days with the reports. We guessed it right it was a case of PREMATURE EJACULATION. We disclosed the problem and explained the term patiently. We said that there is nothing to worry and he need to follow what we are saying then with time he will overcome the problem and can enjoy a happy sexual life with partner. We just recommended some meditation and exercise to fight anxiety as that was the root cause of the problem. For this case we recommended no medication…

Case Outcome

He is happily married now and enjoying a satisfying relationship with his wife.

We did not do any magic! Solution to any health problem is as much in the hands of patients as they think is in the hands of doctors.  Doctor can only guide you to overcome your problem.  But, it is only you who can help yourself.

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DISCLAIMER:  These are actual case studies of the patients who have been treated by us.  For the sake of anonimity, the names etc., have been withheld.  Pictures used are only for graphical respresentation with no copyright violation intended.