Our Happy Patients

Our treatment for Premature Ejaculation has so far worked wonders for people suffering from it.  Following testimonials from our patients will give you an insight to our successful treatments.  Till date no side effect has been reported from our treatment of Premature Ejaculation.  Some of our patients have given their consent to publish their feedback which we are sharing with you as under.  For sake of privacy, we are not disclosing their pictures and in  some cases the names have been changed on their request.

My brother was suffering from PE due to which after his marriage he faced lots of problems. At that time we took him to Dr Monga Clinic where the specialist doctor prescribed a good medication.  Well, after following the medications, now he is absolutely cured  and he is also enjoying his married life as well.

Ravikant Katoch


After I get married I did not find any pleasure with my husband. He had a problem of premature ejaculation. We both were quite worried of this problem. Suddenly we noticed the advertisement of Monga clinic. We rushed there and really mu husband get the best treatment. Now a day we are extremely happy with our married life.

Shilpi Taneja


After couple of years of my sister’s marriage, I notice that couple was not happy in their life. The reason was that her husband had some sexual issues due to which she was not able to conceive. Then I suggest her to take him to Monga’s clinic and consult with doctors. Today they are living a happy life as her husband is fully cured.

Nishita Devburman


Dr at Monga clinic was very polite, understanding and gave enough time to listen to the problem that my boyfriend was having. He prescribed medicines, exercise and diet that has provided us satisfactory relief so far and he is expected to recover soon.

Rama Sharma


Thanks to Dr Monga, the treatment he gave was very effective, affordable and showed its result in 2 weeks. I have overcome the men problem and now enjoying the life to fullness with my partner.

Vimal Pruthi


Found effective treatment with good staff at this Monga clinic. After two weeks of medication and diagnosis, I was able to overcome Male issues. Now I am physically and mentally alive again and enjoying the life to fullness.

Vishnuvardhan Rai


I had a serious issue with my sex life. This was spoiling the romance and sex pleasure in my life. Thanks to Dr Monga for the affordable treatment and I recovered in just 30-40 days with Ayurvedic medicines.

Krishnan Ramamurthy


I went to Monga clinic as I was unable to meet sex expectation of my wife. In 3 months of treatment and regular exercise, I have a happy family with most satisfied wife who loves me lot.

Ram Bilas Shukla