What is P.E.?

Shighrapatan, as is called in Hindi is the term used for Premature Ejaculation, in English, which is a biological dysfunction generally found in men. This is a condition when a man leaves his partner partially or totally unsatisfied as he reaches the sexual climax faster than his partner. It is a common problem and is treatable.

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How common is P.E.?

Every one man in ten suffers from P.E. at some point or other in his life. So, it is a very common problem faced by men. Are you one of them?

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P.E. : Myths & Facts

  • No. Premature Ejaculation is not a disease.
  • Yes. PE can happen to a healthy person also.
  • No. PE has nothing to do with fantasies.
  • Yes. Excessive masturbation can cause PE.
  • No. PE does not make you weak.
  • Yes. PE can result in male infertility
  • Yes. PE is 100% treatable

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How common is P.E.?

We do not treat Premature Ejaculation as a disease, but surely, we help people get rid of this issue so that they can fully enjoy their lives with their sex partners.

Generally, when our patients follow our prescription and complete the full treatment course, the results are seen within 30 to 45 days.

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Some Case Studies

We have been treating men suffering from P.E. for over 7 decades now. And we have come across many simple and complicated cases of Premature Ejaculation. We are sharing few of them to enlighten you more on this subject. Read on�

  • He came to us with low self esteem as he thought he could never be fine again. We helped him�
  • He broke up for the 4th time with his partner because of P.E. We ensured that he gets lucky the 5th time, and he did�
  • She loved her boyfriend so much so that she decided not to give up on him for his P.E. problem. She came to us�
  • This was his first time. He failed. He lost his confidence. Broke up. Tried to end his life. Fortunately, he visited us�

Treatment Package

Our treatment packages are customized as per the medical conditions of the patients. We do not offer ready-made treatments for treating premature ejaculation. Rather, we first thoroughly understand the problem of the patient, and his �prakriti� (physical type) as per Ayurveda, and then only we prescribe the best suitable treatment to him. Generally, our patients get rid of P.E. in 45 to 90 days time with our effective counselling, easy-to-do exercises, diet, and very few Ayurvedic medicines which are free from side effects.


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*Our standard treatment course runs for minimum 30 days, which includes counselling, exercise techniques, Ayurvedic medicines (if needed), and regular follow up with the patient. However, depending upon the gravity of the issue the period of treatment may be curtailed or extended if the patient wishes so.

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